Welcome! I am a Research Scientist at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

I received my PhD in Physics from MIT in June 2019, and most recently was a Postdoctoral Associate stationed at the Joint European Torus (JET) tokamak, outside of Oxford, UK.


My primary research interests include

(i) the interactions of fast ions and alpha particles (from DT fusion) with magnetohydrodynamic waves called Alfvén Eigenmodes, 

(ii) the generation and mitigation of relativistic “runaway” electrons during sudden terminations (or disruptions) of plasma discharges, and

(iii) the diagnosis of fusion neutrons, hard x-rays, and gamma rays to study energetic particle physics and, importantly, measure fusion plasma performance.

I am an advocate of the high magnetic field path toward future compact fusion devices, and I work on SPARC in collaboration with Commonwealth Fusion Systems.