first author publications

RA Tinguely, I Pusztai, VA Izzo, K Särkimäki, T Fülöp, DT Garnier, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, C Paz-Soldan, A Sundström, and R Sweeney. On the minimum transport required to passively suppress runaway electrons in SPARC disruptions. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 65 034002 (2023) | arXiv:2301.01435

RA Tinguely, J Gonzalez-MartinPG PugliaN FilS DowsonM PorkolabI KumarM PodestàM BaruzzoA FasoliYeO KazakovMFF NaveM NocenteJ OngenaŽ. Štancar, and JET Contributors. Simultaneous measurements of unstable and stable Alfven Eigenmodes in JET. Nuclear Fusion 62 112008 (2022) | arXiv:2208.05052

RA Tinguely, N Fil, PG Puglia, S Dowson, M Porkolab, V Guillemot, M Podestà, M Baruzzo, R Dumont, A Fasoli, M Fitzgerald, YeO Kazakov, MFF Nave, M Nocente, J Ongena, SE Sharapov, Ž Štancar, and JET Contributors. A novel measurement of marginal Alfven Eigenmode stability during high power auxiliary heating in JET. Nuclear Fusion 62 076001 (2022) | arXiv:2111.13569

RA Tinguely, VA Izzo, DT Garnier, A Sundström, K Särkimäki, O Embréus, T Fülöp, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, I Pusztai, and R Sweeney. Modeling the complete prevention of disruption-generated runaway electron beam formation with a passive 3D coil in SPARC. Nuclear Fusion 61 124003 (2021) | arXiv:2110.10598

RA Tinguely, PG Puglia, N Fil, S Dowson, M Porkolab, A Dvornova, A Fasoli, M Fitzgerald, V Guillemot, GTA Huysmans, M Maslov, S Sharapov, D Testa, and JET Contributors. Experimental studies of plasma-antenna coupling with the JET Alfven Eigenmode Active Diagnostic. Nuclear Fusion 61 026003 (2021) | arXiv:2011.02768

RA Tinguely, PG Puglia, N Fil, S Dowson, M Porkolab, A Fasoli, D Testa, and JET Contributors. Results from the Alfven Eigenmode Active Diagnostic during the 2019-2020 JET deuterium campaign. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 62 115002 (2020) | arXiv:2007.09412

RA Tinguely and AP Turner. Optical analogues to the equatorial Kerr–Newman black hole. Nature Communications Physics 3 120 (2020) | arXiv:1909.05256

RA Tinguely, KJ Montes, C Rea, R Sweeney, and RS Granetz. An application of survival analysis to disruption prediction via Random Forests. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 61 095009 (2019) | arXiv:1907.04291

RA Tinguely, M Hoppe, RS Granetz, RT Mumgaard, and S Scott. Experimental and synthetic measurements of polarized synchrotron emission from runaway electrons in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion 59 096029 (2019) | arXiv:1906.11304

RA Tinguely, A Rosenthal, R Simpson, SB Ballinger, AJ Creely, S Frank, AQ Kuang, BL Linehan, W McCarthy, LM Milanese, KJ Montes, T Mouratidis, JF Picard, P Rodriguez-Fernandez, AJ Sandberg, F Sciortino, EA Tolman, M Zhou, BN Sorbom, ZS Hartwig, and AE White. Neutron diagnostics for the physics of a high-field, compact, Q ≥ 1 tokamak. Fusion Engineering and Design 143 212-225 (2019) | arXiv:1903.09479

RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, and O Embréus. Spatiotemporal evolution of runaway electrons from synchrotron images in Alcator C-Mod. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 124001 (2018) | arXiv:1810.02742

RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, and O Embréus. Measurements of runaway electron synchrotron spectra at high magnetic fields in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion 58 076019 (2018) | arXiv:1805.05412

RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, A Berg, AQ Kuang, D Brunner, and B LaBombard. High-resolution disruption halo current measurements using Langmuir probes in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion 58 016005 (2018) | arXiv:1810.03207

co-authored publications

PG Puglia, et al. Active MHD spectroscopy with the upgraded JET Alfven Eigenmode Active Diagnostic. In progress. (2023)

AR Saperstein, et al. Disruption halo current rotation scaling on Alcator C-Mod and HBT-EP. Physics of Plasmas 30 042506 (2023)

JX Zhu, et al. Integrated deep learning framework for unstable event identification and disruption prediction of tokamak plasmas. Nuclear Fusion 63 046009 (2023)

A Braun, et al. Effects of neoclassical tearing modes and toroidal field ripple on lost alpha power in the SPARC tokamak. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 64 125014 (2022)

Marco Tardocchi, et al. A high-resolution neutron spectroscopic camera for the SPARC tokamak based on JET DT experience. Review of Scientific Instruments 93 113512 (2022)

VA Izzo, et al. Runaway electron deconfinement in SPARC and DIII-D by a passive 3D coil. Nuclear Fusion 62 096029(2022) | arXiv:2207.12450

C Reux, et al. Physics of runaway electrons with Shattered Pellet Injection at JET. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 64 034002 (2022)

P Rodriguez-Fernandez, et al. Overview of the SPARC physics basis towards the exploration of burning-plasma regimes in high-field, compact tokamaks. Nuclear Fusion 62 042003 (2022)

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KJ Montes, et al. A semi-supervised machine learning detector for physics events in tokamak discharges. Nuclear Fusion 61 026022 (2021)

JX Zhu, et al. A Hybrid Deep Learning architecture for general disruption prediction across tokamaks. Nuclear Fusion 61 026007 (2021)

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AJ Creely, et al. Overview of the SPARC Tokamak. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (5) 865860502 (2020)

AJ Creely, et al. Design Study of a Combined Interferometer and Polarimeter for a High-Field, Compact Tokamak. Physics of Plasmas 27 042516 (2020)

KJ Montes, et al. Machine learning for disruption warning on Alcator C-Mod, DIII-D, and EAST. Nuclear Fusion 59 096015 (2019)

C Rea, et al. A real-time machine learning-based disruption predictor on DIII-D. Nuclear Fusion 59 096016 (2019)

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C Rea, et alDisruption prediction investigations using Machine Learning tools on DIII-D and Alcator C-Mod. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 084004 (2018)

M Hoppe, et al. SOFT: A synthetic synchrotron diagnostic for runaway electrons. Nuclear Fusion 58 026032 (2018) | arXiv:1709.00674

Thesis, letters, and essays

RA Tinguely. An analysis of synchrotron radiation from relativistic electrons in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak. PhD Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Physics (June 2019)​

AP Turner and RA Tinguely. How Black Holes Nearly Ruined TimeNautilus (January 2019)

AP Turner and RA Tinguely. Black Holes, Entropy, and the Arrow of Time. Awarded 4th place in the Harvard Black Hole Initiative essay competition (2018)

RA Tinguely and AP Turner. Building a better black hole demonstration. Submitted to the Harvard Black Hole Initiative essay competition (2018)